About Eastern Beacon


Eastern Beacon Industries Background

Eastern Beacon Industries was established with two groups of customers in mind. The  shooting enthusiast and law enforcement officer.  The shooting enthusiast is a large target audience that includes the weekend  range shooter,  the competitive shooter, and Eastern Beacon Firearms and Accessorieshunter.

The law enforcement community is compiled of active and retired officers. This can be from the military, federal, state, county, and city levels. Each one of these entities are unique and different with their required equipment.

The owner of Eastern Beacon Industries is a retired law enforcement officer with 27 years of experience. This real life experience is evident in our law enforcement gear.

Law Enforcement Gear

Our motto is “Gear for law enforcement made by law enforcement.” This is vital to you not only as a customer but an actual law enforcement officer. You depend on your equipment to perform your tasks and make it home safely every night.  Having a product designed by an actual experienced operator provides you with necessary equipment and reassurance to accomplish this.




Gear for Law Enforcement- Made by Law Enforcement