Glock 43

Glock 43 The Glock 43 is the newly released 9mm pistol from Glock.  Glock has a proven reputation for being one of the top providers of combat pistols around the world.  Glock pistols are being used on a daily basis by military and law enforcement officers everywhere. This compact pistol  features a single stacked magazine.  The … Continue reading Glock 43

Barrett Model 82A1

Barrett Model 82A1 The Barrett Model 82A1 is a powerhouse rifle. It is chambered in the .416 Barrett round . It is a  semi-automatic rifle that is recoil-operated . The non-detachable magazine holds 10 rounds. This magazine makes it one of the few big bore California compliant rifles. The Model 82A1 is a long-range shoulder weapon that … Continue reading Barrett Model 82A1

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