Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Review

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum

The Desert Eagle 44 Magnum has been in hundreds of movies and television shows. Ask any kid that plays a shooter type video game and they will recognize this gun.  The pistols were originally manufactured in Israel. They were developed for the Israel Military.The model that I will be reviewing is the DE44CA. This is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in the .44 Magnum.  It is also California compliant. I know it’s hard to believe. It is available in Black or Polished Chrome.

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum (Black)

desert eagle 44 magnum


Desert Eagle 44 Magnum (Brushed Chrome)

desert eagle 44 magnum stainless steel

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Features

The Desert Eagle is a big heavy gun. It is constructed of high quality carbon steel. If you have never held one, the weight will surprise you. It is a beast weighing in at 4.6 pounds. It is gas-operated with a rotating three lug bolt for positive lock-up.

Polygonal Barrel

The barrel is locked into place which makes this pistol extremely accurate. The barrel features polygonal rifling. This definitely reduces barrel wear and allows for easy cleaning. It also helps contribute to the accuracy of the pistol. The polygonal barrel will increase bullet velocities and performance.

The Desert Eagle is intended for two-handed shooting. The grips are large and set at a comfortable angle. The anatomically formed grip allows the shooter to maintain a firm hold during live fire.

Ambidextrous Safety

desert eagle 44 mmagnum safety

The safety controls are ambidextrous. The controls are large and can be easily manipulated. When the safety is engaged, it blocks the firing pin. It disconnects the trigger bar from the sear at the same time. The slide lever is also large and the pistol will lock out when empty.

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Specifications

  • Model: DE44CA
  • Caliber: .44 Magnum
  • Capacity: 8+1
  • Action: Single
  • Barrel: 6 inches
  • Overall Length: 10.75 inches
  • Height: 6.25 inches
  • Width: 1.25 inches
  • Weight (unloaded): 4.6 pounds
  • Trigger: 4 pounds
  • Sights: Combat/ Fixed
  • MSRP (Black): $1630
  • MSRP (Brushed Chrome): $1943

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Conclusion

The Desert Eagle 44 Magnum is an epic pistol made famous in movies and video games. This is a large semi-automatic pistol chambered in the goliath .44 Magnum. This is an accurate durable pistol. This big gun is easy to operate and shoot. If you’re looking for that cool factor or a pistol that will stop anything on this planet. This is the pistol you must have. Purchase one today at Long Beach Guns.