Fostech Origin 12 Gauge Shotgun

Fostech Origin 12

The Fostech Origin 12 is a semi-automatic 12-Guage shotgun. It is built-in the familiar AK-47 design.  The Fostech comes standard with a 5-round magazine and only shoots 2 3/4″ shells. The stock is folding and telescopic. This is a quality tactical shotgun that is easy to shoot.

Fostech Origin 12

fostech origin 12


Fostech Origin 12 Features

fostech origin 12 folded

The Fostech is equipped with a  Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock.  It can be folded and fired from that position. This makes for easy transportation and deploying it out of a vehicle.  The stock is also telescopic for fixed shooting.

The ERGO pistol grip is large and fits comfortably in your hand.  The grip features a standard T-nut receiver window. This allows you to easily change the grip.

The safety is ambidextrous with large paddles. The magazine release is located near the front of the trigger guard and can be utilized with trigger finger. Fostech calls this a 3-point operation system. You can truly operate all the controls with your strong hand never leaving the grip.  The trigger operation, magazine drop, and bolt release are within fingers reach.

The receiver, barrel, and internal metal parts are coated with a hard nickel finish.  The finish provides protection against corrosion. It stands up well to adverse weather conditions. There is a dust cover on the receiver and the bolt will lock out when the shotgun is empty. The carrier and the bolt are big and beefy yet surprisingly lightweight for their size.

The Fostech Origin 12 features a fluted 18 inch barrel that is also threaded. The barrel is easily disassembled with the use of the Quick Change Barrel System. It is as simple as removing a single pin.

The magazines are large but easy to load. The shotgun comes standard with a 5-round magazine. You can also purchase additional magazines in 8 and 10-rounds. There is even a 30-round drum magazine. Make sure you check with your State laws regarding magazines.

30 round drum magazine

fostech origin 12 30 round magazine


Fostech Origin 12 Features Specifications

  • Model: Origin 12
  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge,  2 3/4 inch shells
  • Barrel: 18 inch fluted
  • Sights: Diamondhead flip-up
  • Capacity: Standard 5 rounds
  • Weight:  9.125 pounds
  • MSRP: $2800

Fostech Origin 12 Conclusion

The Fostech Origin 12 is a combat shotgun designed in the AK-47 platform. It is chambered for 12 Gauge shells and will only accept the 2 3/4 inch shells.  But it will devour all kinds of ammunition quickly. The large controls are easy to operate. The telescopic stock can also be folded and fired from this position.  If you’re looking for a combat shotgun that is reliable and easy to shoot, this is it.  Purchase one today at Long Beach Guns.