Laptop Case

Lap Top Case

Eastern Beacon Industries has developed the only laptop case on the market that provides full protection from an active shooter. The case is constructed of 1000 Denier Nylon and made in the USA. The case will stop multiple hits from rifles, handguns, and edged weapons.

Laptop case front view

This is a fully functional laptop case. The appearance is smooth and clean and will not attract attention.

The laptop case is carried like any ordinary case. It fits in with your daily activities.

Laptop case deployed

The case contains two lightweight ballistic plates. There is a plate in the body of the case and one in the outside flap. The flap is easily raised up by sliding your hand under the strap and lifting upwards. The plates overlap and provide full protection. There is no other product like this on the market! The case contains zippers on both sides. This allows you access to the accessory compartment. The molle straps on the wall allow for holsters, magazines, etc.  You can easily access your weapon and address the threat.

Laptop neck strap

There is a built-in neck strap on the flap of the case. It is adjustable and allows the user the full use of their hands. The laptop case becomes your personal body armor.

Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap can be removed from the body of the case. There is an elastic compartment that can contain a bandage or quick-clot pad. The two ends of the straps can be placed together, transforming it into a life saving tourniquet.

Laptop case rear view

The rear of the case has two vertical straps . These straps allow the user to carry the case like a shield by placing their hands through the straps. This is a practical feature once the shoulder strap is removed from the case.

Ballistic Plates

The laptop case contains two Level III lightweight ballistic plates. The plates each weigh only 1.6 pounds! These are the lightest plates on the market. It will stop multiple hits from  7.62 X 51, 7.62 X 39, and 556  rifles. It will also stop most handguns , and edged weapons.

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Take a look at the instructional video.

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