SAFE Space

SAFE Space


The SAFE Space stands for Side-Arm- Failsafe- Extension. This revolutionary product allows you to perform  contact shots with a semi-auto handgun.

Safe Space History

The owners of Eastern Beacon Industries are veteran police officers from Los Angeles. Every police officer knows that you can’t do a body or contact shot with your semi-auto duty handgun. The majority of officers  carry a small revolver as a back-up weapon. The revolver would be used as a last resort to perform the contact shot in that life and death struggle.

The traditional semi-auto handgun can’t be used for a contact shot. Any pressure on the barrel of the firearm will cause the slide to become out-of-battery. This malfunction renders the handgun inoperable.

The below video is a true life interview of a seasoned police officer and his encounter with an armed Los Angeles Gang Member.

What is the SAFE Space?

The SAFE Space device is constructed of high-grade aircraft aluminum.  It is strong but extremely light.  It’s attached to the end of the semi-auto handgun and secured to the picatinny rail. The Safe Space creates a barrier that allows the semi-auto firearm to be pressed into the target (contact shot). It doesn’t affect your sight alignment or the balance of your handgun.

Safe Space attached to Glock 17

Safe Space with light rail


The SAFE Space allows you to perform a contact shot with a semi-auto handgun. This provides you with the security and confidence when confronted with a close quarters encounter. The Safe Space easily attaches to your handgun and will not alter the functionality.

The SAFE Space will benefit anyone that is carrying a semi-auto handgun. The affordable price of under $100 makes it a must have item.

The SAFE Space is available for pre-order purchase now through DTF Industries . For more information or to purchase the Safe Space click here.



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