Ballistic Sling Bag

Ballistic Sling  Bag

Front View

The Ballistic Sling  Bag is another one of our active shooter products. This is the most popular with law enforcement officers and CCW civilians. The case is clean and sleek to prevent un warranted attention.  It allows the user to carry a wide range of weapons from sub machine guns to pistols. The bag contains a lightweight shooters cut plate.

The quick-tab is located on the top of the case. The tab is pulled in a downward direction to quickly open the flap.

Rear View

The bag is worn on the back like a traditional sling back bag. Once a threat is encountered, it can be quickly swung to the front of the body. The rear of the bag has thick padded straps. The straps are comfortable and keep the bag secure. The ballistic plate is placed into a zippered compartment on the back.

There are adjustable waist straps on the bottom of the bag. This allows the bag to be held firmly against your body.  It will become your personal body armor.

Weapon systems

The sling bag has a weapon clip located on the top of the case. The weapon can hang directly from this platform or be secured with two velcro straps. There is Molle webbing on the inside of bag to place accessories. The large velcro area on the flap can be used for identification patches. The picture depicts the ballistic sling bag with the Micro Roni Advanced Stabilizer Kit. Purchase that package now.

Ballistic Plate

The sling back contains one Level III  shooters cut plate. This plate provides protection to your center mass. It weighs only 1.6 pounds and is NIJ certified! It will stop multiple hits from  7.62 X 51, 7.62 X 39, and 556  rifles. It will also stop most handguns , and edged weapons.

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Take a look at the instructional video.

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