Sling Bag



Sling Bag Instructional Video




Sling Bag Weapon Deployment

Johnny S (TEAMS) testing our sling bag. The bag contains (1) Level III ballistic plate. Johnny is deploying the Micro Roni weapon system directly from the pack.


CEO Ron shooting Micro Roni (Glock 22) from Ballistic Sling Bag. You can purchase the Sling Bag and Micro Roni weapon system together for a great price. Complete a contact form for more information.


Certification Course with Micro Roni and Sling Bag

I ran VP Andrew G through the certification course for the Micro Roni and Ballistic Sling Bag.

We offer a complete certification for the Ballistic Sling Bag and Micro Roni Weapon System. If you or your agency are interested, please complete a Training Request Form.  A representative will contact you shortly.



Deploying MCK (MIcro Conversion Kit) from Ballistic Sling Bag

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