Tactical Deployment Pack

Tactical Deployment Pack

This  tactical case is designed for the law enforcement officer or shooting enthusiast  to carry necessary gear in one bag. It replaces the need to carry four or five bags. The case is constructed of heavy-duty 1000 D Cordura Nylon.

Ballistic Helmet Carrier

This is the only case on the market to have a removable ballistic helmet carrier. The helmet carrier can be un-zipped from the main case. The helmet carrier has a hidden handle on the bottom.


Double Rifle Case

The Tactical Deployment Pack can carry two long guns.  The firearms are held in place with strong velcro straps. The straps  can be easily adjusted to accommodate long guns of all sizes. Most double firearm cases have only one zipper and provide you access to both firearms at the same time.

This double rifle case has two sets of zippers. You can access each long gun individually. This provides for a more secured retention system.tactical-deployment-pack-2-guns

Equipment Organizer

The Tactical Deployment Pack can carry all your equipment in one case. The case will accommodate your rifle and pistol magazines. This allows you to carry extra ammunition in magazines and not bulky ammunition boxes. Your gas mask and housing will conveniently fit into one of the pouches. This will eliminate your mask from getting tangled with other equipment. This is a great asset when time is of the essence. the other compartments can be used  for reports, first aid kit, anything that will assist you in completing your mission. tac-pac-top-front-copy

Backpack option

The case can be carried by the side handles or worn as a backpack. The side handles are convenient for carrying the case to and from your vehicle every day. But during a critical incident, the backpack straps are the safest way to go. You are able to rapidly deploy with all your equipment. Whether it’s a mobile command post, active shooter, or you need to hike to your objective, the straps will allow you to do this effectively.

The backpack  straps are concealed on the back of the case. The straps are secured in a pockets that are secured with velcro.tactical-deployment-pack-rear


Tactical Deployment Pack Conclusion

This revolutionary tactical case by Eastern Beacon Industries is designed for the law enforcement officer to carry necessary gear in one bag-replacing the need for 4 or 5 separate cases. Take a look at the instructional video.

The Tactical Deployment Pack is the only case on the market to have a removable, ballistic helmet carrier. All of your gear is in one place and is easily accessible by the zippered compartments or velcro closures. The heavy-duty, water-resistant case can be carried by the side handles or worn as a backpack by releasing the hidden straps on the rear of the case.

Having everything you need in one ready-to-go case will not only have you prepared for critical situations, but will protect your gear and weapons.

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